Job to Career: How You Can Improve Your Position In Two Months

Job to Career

Some people reach a point where a simple job becomes something that could turn into a real career. This realization can happen quickly in some instances. 

It is often necessary to start becoming more visible to advance in a position. There are several ways to improve in a class within a company in just two months.

Start Providing Suggestions and Feedback

Workers who do not contribute with suggestions and feedback are likely to never be noticed. It will help to start providing intelligent and constructive feedback during meetings. 

It can also help give advice on improving the job or department performance directly to a boss or manager. Helpful feedback and suggestions will improve visibility quickly.


Attend Voluntary Events

Many businesses today hold voluntary events for employees. These could be brown bag lunches describing future marketing plans or voluntary pieces of training covering issues important to the company. 

Workers should attend these voluntary events whenever possible. Attending voluntary events will better understand the business and improve visibility with the leaders participating in the sessions.


Ask To Do More

The most visible employees in a company are those who have the most enormous impact on daily operations. 

Asking for more responsibility can improve the visibility, value, and position of employees within a business. Adding new responsibilities could involve.


  • Starting a new project to handle neglected tasks.
  • Talking to supervisors.
  • Simply taking control of something no one wants to do.

This kind of initiative will impress managers.


Identify Weak Areas

Every employee usually has some skills or performance metrics that are weaker than the rest. One way to turn a job into a career is to identify and work on these vulnerable areas. 

Supervisors can sometimes provide detailed information about what needs to change. Coworkers could give some insights as well. Improving these weak areas will increase performance and productivity noticeably.


Gain Expertise in the Field

Gaining expertise about the job, the company, and the products sold can quickly improve a position. This expertise can be achieved through formal training or personal learning about the industry.


It is essential to continue working towards higher visibility and status within a company even after success. Employers want to see workers who are continually improving and taking ownership of the job. Pursuing a better position can turn a simple job into a long-term career.


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