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We invite Bloggers / Professional Writers / Freelancers to contribute high-quality content to www.recruitment4u.in


You should submit an original article that has not been published anywhere else. This includes your website. By providing content based on your personal experiences and professional expertise, we will review your article, and if accepted, we will publish it. Any article can be accepted or rejected without any explanation.


Articles will be reviewed within two weeks of submission. The website must be checked regularly to ensure that your article has been published. Personal responses regarding acceptance or rejection of your article are not possible.


Articles that do not get published within One Month can be used elsewhere. It means we rejected the article for quality or other reasons.

Make sure to read our guidelines before you submit article.

You may submit content related to the following categories.

What topics are suitable for us?

Content is key to the success of a guest post. If the blog or post is detailed and full of helpful information, readers can get inspired. Your post should inform our readers about career-related topics, recruitment information (No Job Notifications Will Get Published), and any career developments, etc. Please write about topics related to the following:

  • Career Opportunities.
  • Recruitment Opportunities.
  • International Job Opportunities.
  • Freelance Work.
  • Exam Syllabus.
  • Latest Career Trends.
  • Useful Courses.
  • Online Jobs.
  • Company Recruitment Reviews.
  • Future Career Trends.
  • Job, Career, and Interview Tips.


What are the conditions to write for us?

✅  If you're writing for Recruitment4U, Our guest post requirements for writing are as the following.

✅  The article should be well written in the English language.

✅  The content must be unique and original and not published elsewhere. No plagiarism will be allowed. Every article we publish is run through a plagiarism checker tool to confirm that the article was not published previously, whether in whole or in part.

✅  Auto-generated, translated, or spun Content is NOT PERMITTED at any cost.

✅  The article should contain at least 1000 words. More valued words are most welcome.

✅  Please ensure that you include the correct headlines (h2,H3, etc.).

✅  Write unique, high-quality content that provides value to our readers.

✅  Please don't write for us if the content you wrote for us has appeared elsewhere.

✅  After you publish the article on recruitment4u.in, you are not allowed to publish the article on another website, blog, or social media platform.

✅  Include a relevant and high-quality copyright-free image with every 200 words to break it up and make it more engaging for your post.

✅  We do not accept any posts that have grammar or spelling mistakes.

✅  If you submit your guest post to us, we own copyrights and can alter them when we think there's the need.

✅  There is no Author Bio that will be published.

✅  The article may be modified in the future. But your external link never gets removed.

✅  We only value your content, not money. We Do Not Charge For Guest Post.

✅  We could include an internal link to in your article, if necessary.

✅  The content must be suitable for people of any age group and demography.

✅  Links should be added with appropriate Anchor text, but only the ones that provide worth to the reader (According to search engines). Only those links should be added that makes sense and is worthy of inclusion (It shouldn't be solely to build links). We will consider every link that is in line with the guidelines of a search engine (We are not able to disqualify links because of DA or PA, however, the sites linked to should comply with the rules of search engines).

✅  Before submitting your blog post or article, please go through our website to ensure that your article subject hasn't been published previously. Topics that have already been published on our website will not be considered. Topics that are not relevant or are not informative will not be considered.


Article Format

  • A well-researched Title.
  • An article must be targeted on Low Competition Keyword.
  • Sub-headings.
  • You will get One do-follow link per 1000 words.
  • The external link will be do-follow.
  • Divide the content by using proper headings and sub-headings.
  • No affiliate link allowed. 

How To Submit Article?

You have to send (email) your article in document format with related high-quality images (JPEG Format). Visit Contact Us Page For Email Address.

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