10 Best Paying Jobs For USA Women in 2022

Best Paying Jobs For USA Women

In today's era, a woman has become the most essential part of our society. She has excelled in many fields and has proved herself to be the most confident and thought-provoking being on the earth. 

Time has changed, and so have the thoughts of many people living in our society. Our culture never allowed our women to go out and work, but for many reasons, females have become the woman of substance, and they know how to tackle day to day problems. 

They have broken all the barriers by their powerful knowledge and utmost hard work, and no one can beat them in any of their present careers.


A career woman is a female whose primary purpose is to succeed in a particular career or profession. That career can be of a higher interest, which she loves to do besides looking after her home. 

A woman cannot deny the fact that she is also vital for the well-being of her home. A proper home cannot flourish without a woman's intervention. She has to be mentally present in both worlds to excel successfully. 

So why not become 'The Woman of Power' and show the world you can do anything. Let us see 10 of the most high-paid Jobs In  of 2022 where women have demonstrated ultimate success. You can also get more information on How to get a Job In USA here.


1. Digital Strategist

This career is all about playing around all day in digital media. Do you think you'll get paid around $50,000 for it? Yes, we are sure about it. 

Digital strategists are basically peers who advise clients on how to tackle and improve their technical presence, guiding them on making websites entertaining and user-friendly. 

This job doesn't require any specific degree, but some good digital experience will let you excel in this field very far away. Get yourself trained with the cutting-edge latest technology and social circles such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others.


2. Landscape Architect

Once landscape architecture was a career dedicated to the male fraternity, but that old-time is changed, and women of today are excelling in this field beautifully. 

It is best for women who love art and are ready to design gardens, parks, and many other outdoor spaces. This could be a dream gig for many women, as the real estate market is rebounding and demand for landscape architects increases day by day. 

It is about a $60,000 yearly job, which you can acquire after getting a specialized degree, apprenticeships and internships.


3. Manage Reputation

It is considered one of the best and hot PR jobs of the century that can be thought of as a scandal on a much smaller scale. 

The objectives of this job are to fine-tune a specific company's online availability by strategically looking after their website, social media presence and making it available through search. 

This job is significant for any company to excel successfully. It is one of the highest-paying jobs and can let you earn about $58,000 per annum.


4. Personal Trainer

A career in fitness training can let you earn a fortune, as it helps you gain some serious perks. The low-stress jobs allowed you to mingle in your yoga pants and get you paid just by doing the workout. 

The average salary per year is about $30,000, but it's a growing market and will let you excel nicely. According to a sports medicine study, group physical training, Zumba, outdoor personal training, and core fitness will be up and excelling in 2022.


5. Physician

Many healthcare-related jobs are booming in 2022. It is just because of the aging population, and due to this, there is a particular need for expert and trained general practitioners. 

Family physicians make a great deal of salary every year, and it's about $177,000 on average. Other than crazy shifts and hectic schedules, this profession gets a hell of a lot of respect and well-being. 

Along with all this, you get lots of one-on-one patient interaction, and you become a people person in no time.


6. Healthcare Technology Manager

This is one of the unique career opportunities that successfully hit healthcare and IT, a rapidly increasing field in 2022. The objectives are to manage patient records and maintain a healthy database to earn 83 grand per annum. 

This job is still uncommon in many countries, as competition is small and demand is enormous. All you need is a bachelor's degree in Info Technology, healthcare, or software development from a reputed university, along with some technical skills.


7. Physical Therapist

This is another fantastic successful option that's highly recognized and paid for many years. This profession helps all those booming babies who literally want to fix their pains and aches. 

The pay for this job is quite reasonable, about $76,000, and there is nearly a 30% growth in salary by 2020, so the chances are very positive to achieve a higher rank. 

It is one of the personally rewarding jobs that cater to decent hours, as practice will make you perfect.


8. Market Research Analyst

The objective of this job is to figure out the interest of people in the market. A market research analyst helps different companies to understand what sort f services and products customers are interested in. by organizing other focus groups, working on sales data, and developing strategic plans.


9. Makeup Artist

This career can be one of the best and successful ones about women's interests. The job is not easy as it looks; you need to be an artist to fulfill the requirements of this job. 

All you need is a lot of training and practice, and if you own one of your own makeup studios, then for you, it can be an excellent opportunity to get paid quickly and heavily. 

Other than makeup, another best option can be doing some tattoos for girls and cosmetic surgery. You don't need a university degree for this, but some professional courses and your good level of interest can do the job for you.


10. Interior Designer

The time the housing market is making a nice comeback, decorating a space has become one admirable profession. As long as you have a creative mind and a love for designing, you can quickly excel in this job. 

Any special schooling is not required; it is just your firm and creative skills that count. You can start with working for your family and friends that can expand, and then there will be no limit to your success while working in this field. 

You can easily earn around $46,000 per year, and since you are the boss, you can certainly avoid the so-called office politics and work effortlessly in your own environment.

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