How To Get A Job In USA? | Oracle EBS, Splunk, IBM BPM, OBIEE Jobs In USA

Oracle EBS, Splunk, IBM BPM, OBIEE Jobs In USA

For many people, getting a job in the United States Of America is their dream. Only hardworking workers can succeed in America. It is helpful to get used to different cultures and customs, as there is a saying. Consequently, you will not be able to apply for a job in your home country the same way you do in the United States. Below you will find tips on how to search and apply for jobs and some essential considerate helpful.

Unlike other countries, the USA is a commercial country, which means that people of different ethnicities have settled there for trade.

To survive in a country like America, you have to be hardworking and business-minded. Americans promote entrepreneurship, and they admire leaders.


Prepare these things before you apply for a job in the USA


  • You should possess a valid I.D. from your country.
  • Check your passport and photo I.D. to ensure all information is accurate & valid.
  • Ensure your degrees/diplomas and certifications are recognized in the country where you wish to apply for a visa.
  • Your name should appear the same in all your documents (degrees, diplomas, certificates, I.D. cards, etc.).
  • Make sure your certificates (if any) are valid.
  • When using a job consultant, you should verify the license number provided by the government authority.
  • If the employer provides a work visa, it is beneficial to prepare well for the visa interview (since it is one of the toughest).
  • Confirm the details and authenticity of your employer if you know someone residing in America.
  • It would be best if you read the laws of the U.S. land before you reach there. It would help if you didn't carry anything forbidden by the U.S. government.
  • If you have not yet done so, contact your embassy soon as you land in the United States.
  • Check the status of your university, course, etc., online if you are applying for a student visa.
  • If you are unsure, ask the university administration or embassy for assistance.
  • Check reviews of colleges/universities (if any).
  • Don't use unfair means to settle in the United States.
  • You must respect your workplace, your nation's culture, and help others, but never forget your motherland.


It is required that you have the authorization to work and live in the USA, i.e., a Green Card or a valid work visa, to work in the country. With either of these, you have access to the American job market.

A thorough understanding of large and prominent markets and companies will help you understand the American job market. TIMES-market, education, and service sectors are booming. Telecommunications, information technology, multimedia, entertainment, and security are TIMES.


U.S. citizens are especially attracted to these jobs

Despite the United States being known as a land of limitless opportunities, many people cannot find the job of their dreams. 

US citizens attracted to these jobs

As of May 2017, there were 159.8 million employed people over the age of 16 in the United States, according to the United States Census Bureau. Most of them were not employed in Silicon Valley. Americans create the most jobs in the service sector.


In the United States, retail employs the most people, with 4,528,550 salespeople and 3,541,010 cashiers. There are 3,426,090 fast food and food preparation workers in the food industry, right behind the retail sector. Here are the other sectors in the food industry:


  • Clerks
  • Licensed nurses
  • Agents of customer service
  • Movers of freight and stock
  • Restaurant waiter and waitress
  • Secretary


In Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, GlaxoSmithKline offers career opportunities in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors and biotechnology. 

You may also enjoy Maryland and the Washington D.C. metro area, a thriving R&D sector. Located here are the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institute on Health (NIH), and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). 

Over 100 companies in Boston, Massachusetts, 's pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Houston, Texas, is home to oil giants like ExxonMobil.


Los Angeles dominates the entertainment industry in California, but high-tech jobs in Silicon Valley bring in the most money. It is home to big tech companies like Apple, Google, Adobe, eBay, and Facebook. 

The USA does have other high-tech hotspots, however. Perhaps you would like to work for Microsoft in Seattle or for Amazon in Washington, D.C.


The service sector largely drives U.S. economic growth. The service sector employs almost 80 percent of the workforce in the U.S. The sectors covered include trade, transportation, insurance, media, banking and education.


The second-largest sector is the industrial sector. For example, in the engineering and transportation industries, the USA is a leader. In addition to these industries, the United States leads in chemical production, medical technology, oil and natural gas production, and food production as well.


American jobs with the highest salaries

Across the United States, the average salary for a fully employed man is $51,212 per year, compared to $40,742 for a woman. Women and men earn different median wages in the USA, naturally do races and occupations. 

American jobs with the highest salaries

In a survey by the U.S. government conducted in 2014, 16 of the top 30 highest paying jobs were in medicine. In the following list are some of the best paying jobs in the United States and their potential growth.


Oracle EBS Jobs In USA

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a complete set of business applications for automating business processes. There are also different names for Oracle Financials, Oracle Apps, and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) on the market. 

Oracle EBS Jobs In USA

The company is a leading source of employment in the United States. If you are looking for Oracle EBS Jobs in the USA, you should know Oracle E-Business Suite. You will be able to find Oracle E-Business jobs anywhere if you are an expert in Oracle E-Business.


Oracle EBS Jobs In USA Salary

Oracle EBS consultants earn an average salary of $143,696 per year in the USA, or $73.69 an hour. Most experienced workers make up to $177,694 per year, while entry-level positions start at $121,875.


Splunk Jobs In USA

Splunk is a fast-growing I.T. company with offices around the world. Those who would like to help top companies solve enormous challenges by turning data into answers are needed at Splunk. At Splunk, your skills will never become dated. 

Splunk Jobs In USA

Develop, sell, and support products people love while working with people you like. If you meet the educational criteria, you may be able to find Splunk Jobs in the USA. If You have the necessary experience in a related field, it is effortless to get a Splunk Jobs In USA.

Splunk was built with the idea of searching log files stored in a system. As its name suggests, Splunk is primarily responsible for indexing the data and processing large amounts of it. Even though Splunk is not easy to implement, it offers its users a wide range of benefits.

There are Splunk free courses, learning paths for Splunk users, Splunk administrators, Splunk cloud services, Splunk for application developers, security administrators, security end-users, certification tracks for these different fields, paid courses, videos, etc.

There are several roles associated with Splunk's career: Systems Engineer, Security Engineer, Technical service manager, and security analyst. 

Other specific functions may exist for Splunk; it depends on the company or organization, such as DevOps engineer, consultant, etc. If you can work in these positions, getting Splunk Jobs In the USA won't be a problem.


Splunk Jobs In USA Salary

The average salary at Splunk is $129,131 annually. Splunk employees typically earn $75,475 to $185,138 a year in salaries. 

The average salary for Splunk employees with the title Senior Software Engineer is $160,715, while the average salary for employees with the title Software Engineer is $120,414.



IBM BPM Standard provides visibility and insight to manage business processes through a comprehensive Business Process Management Platform (BPM). 


With this solution, you can design, execute, monitor, and optimize your processes and fundamental system integration support. You must be searching for IBM BPM Jobs In the USA if you are an I.T. person.


IBM BPM Jobs In USA Salary

IBM bpm jobs salaries in the USA average $111,125 per year or $56.99 per hour. Most entry-level workers make between $97,500 and $155,025 per year.



Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is Oracle's next-generation B.I. The solution is designed for enterprise deployment in a platform that delivers next-generation B.I. Functionality. 


Business users can access, interact with, and utilize enterprise data more effectively through OBIEE, whether it is stored in a data warehouse or multiple operational and analytic sources. You must have the required qualification to get OBIEE Jobs In USA.


OBIEE Jobs In USA Salary

In the U.S., the average salary for an obiee developer is $110,000 per year or $56.41 per hour. The annual salary for entry-level positions starts at $97,500, while the average salary for experienced employees is $141,375.



With the H.P. Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Center, you can standardize, manage, and track project and operational activities. Making smart investment decisions in real-time is made easier with access to critical information in real-time.


PPMS salaries in the U.S. range from $136,500 per year to $70.00 per hour. In most cases, a worker with experience makes up to $195,000 per year, while entry-level positions start at $104,738.


Getting a job in the USA

When looking for a job, you should apply, and apply some more. You should gather a list of job openings and job advertisements that interest you, write to them and apply. 

Getting a job in the USA

When applying for a job, leaving a positive first impression with a company's human resources representative is the primary goal.

At the interview, your skill-set can be convincing personally to the employer. Online applications are the norm these days. Resumes and cover letters are the only components of U.S. job applications. However, you should use your time to be creative and present yourself positively!


Interviews for jobs

Nervousness about a job interview is expected since it's your chance to make an excellent first impression. As well as getting a feel for your potential new employer, it gives you an opportunity to ask questions. Generally, job interviews are divided into two phases, but not all companies follow the same order.


Make sure you feel comfortable during a mock job interview with your family and friends. Focus on your body language and fine-tune your English during this time. Receive honest feedback from friends and family. You should also dress appropriately.


Before the interview, do your research on the company you are applying to. Showing interest in the company is essential. Do you know what they do? Who are their partners? How do they operate? Be sure to understand precisely what your future job will entail.


What is the average salary in the USA?

There is a statutory minimum wage of 7.25 USD per hour in the USA. You can earn different amounts depending on the state you live in and your job. Before signing a work contract, it is a sound idea to research the average salary for the position you are applying for in your state.

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