Online MBA Courses Provided by UpGrad and others Online Universities

Online MBA Courses

Various MBA colleges offer part-time online MBA Courses over the duration of 1-2 years in the part-time mode. For graduates who need to start their careers right away or have already begun their careers, online MBA courses are the best option. 

It doesn't mean you should pause your learning just because the world seems to have stopped. Whether you're a college student or an entrepreneur who has significant business experience, the digital learning space offers MBA programs that will ensure that your growth as a professional is not slowed down. 

Many globally recognized institutions offer a variety of courses, from business management to human resources.

The cost of an online MBA course is significantly lower than that for an on-campus MBA course, ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 1,000,000 in most MBA colleges. 

Foreign universities also offer online MBA courses. There are many colleges abroad where students can pursue an online MBA, but Liverpool Business School, Deakin Business School, and Macquarie University are among the best.

A list of top UGC-approved MBA colleges in India, including Amity University, NMIMS Global Access School, Jindal Global University, etc. Offers online MBA programs. 

The IIMs and other private business schools have started online MBA courses due to the growing popularity of MBA courses. Unlike distance MBA courses, online MBA courses don't require you to attend lectures in a classroom, and they offer a flexible course schedule that fits into your schedule.

You can also earn your postgraduate degree in business management nontraditional if you want to get ahead in your career. Working professionals and distance learners can learn online at their own pace with the online learning mode.

Best Online MBA Courses

Many different subjects are covered in an online MBA, including Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Advertising, Hospitality Management, and Retail Management.

Candidates interested in studying Online MBA programs should have graduated from a recognized university or college. The fee for an Online MBA Program usually ranges between INR 50,000 to 1 lakh. 

Some Universities accept students based on merit and others based on entrance examinations like CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, SNAP.

Course Name



MBA (Global)

Deakin Business School (DBS)

24 months

MBA (Global)

Macquarie University

24 months

MBA in Digital Finance & Banking

Jindal Global University

24 months


Liverpool Business School

20 months


Amity University

24 months


NMIMS Global Access School

15 months

Best Online MBA Courses

1. MBA (Global) by Deakin Business School (DBS)

A two-year online MBA certificate program from Australia's DBS and India's IMT Ghaziabad has gained popularity among MBA candidates. 

The Deakin University B-school ranks among the top 1% in the world. In addition to Business Growth Strategies, Strategic Thinking & Planning Abilities, Design Thinking, Change Management, Financing Strategies, and International Business, other topics on the program include Integrated Business Strategy Formulation, Change Management, Finance Strategy, and International Business.

Students can also take advantage of dedicated mentorship and offline networking services as part of the online MBA course. 

This MBA degree allows you to land high-profile jobs in Marketing, Finance, Business Development, and HR Management like Management Consulting, Strategy, Operations, and Business Development. 

It is considered one of the best online MBA programs.

2. MBA (Global) by Macquarie University

One of Australia's top business schools offers this course to help you learn about fundamental MBA topics while simultaneously developing the tools needed to manage tomorrow's workplaces - which the coming disruption of technology will highly influence. 

This progressive course doesn't break down its curriculum by topics but instead teaches six 'future-based competencies'- strategizing, analyzing, influencing, adapting, leading, and problem-solving.

3. MBA in Digital Finance & Banking by Jindal Global University

For those who intend to enter the financial sector, this two-year degree program in Digital Finance & Banking is a perfect choice. 

The topics included in this course are Fintech Ecosystems Management, Financial Management & Valuation, AI in Business, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Data Visualization in Finance, Digital Fraud & Risk Analytics, and Design Thinking & Leadership in Business.

Few online MBA courses in India are as good as this one at DFB. If you do not want to leave your current job and pursue your MBA, online courses are the ideal option. 

The BFSI industry going through an unprecedented digital transformation is extremely relevant to all of these fields of study. Aside from living assignments and case studies, this online MBA program includes resume-building sessions, mock interviews, and peer networking opportunities.

4. MBA by Liverpool Business School

The Liverpool Business School accredits this online MBA program, coupled with a week-long immersion program at the university. There are several specializations available in this MBA program, including Marketing, Finance, Operations, Strategy & Leadership, and Analytics.

There are several areas of study covered in the online MBA curriculum, including Digital Business Innovation, Project Management, Business Growth Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Leadership, Strategic Thinking & Planning, Engagement, and People Performance, Enterprise and Risk Management, and.

An MBA Course duration is 20 months, during which industry leaders help you develop your career and prepare you for leadership positions. The IMT Ghaziabad PGP in Management credential will also be awarded to you upon your successful completion.

5. MBA by Amity University

It provides a holistic toolkit for developing business management skills with a focus on case-based learning. 

The program lasts two years. The business gives you a 360-degree perspective on all aspects of business, including accounting, marketing, statistics, research, human resources, and legal issues.

6. MBA by NMIMS Global Access School

Business Analytics is a specialization in this Executive MBA program of 15 months. Work/study balance is made possible with this program, specifically designed for working professionals. 

One of India's best online MBA programs, this program provides students with an education and experience on par with on-campus MBA programs.

As part of this online MBA program, you will gain a solid understanding of core management skills and how they apply to fields such as Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Big Data, and Machine Learning. 

The MBA degree can be applied to job roles such as Growth Manager, Business Consultant, Human Resource Manager, Finance Manager, etc.

Advantages of Online MBA Courses in India

There are numerous advantages to taking an online MBA course. Here are a few of them:

Global Outreach: Many universities offer MBA courses online with satellite campuses located in several cities and countries. Some offer immersive overseas programs in addition to online courses.

Affordability: Many online MBA programs are affordable. Prices start as low as Rs 6,000 for online MBA programs in India.

Flexibility:  In India, most online MBA courses are provided through e-lectures and online classrooms, which makes them a handy alternative for professionals who can't attend classes.

Diversity: A virtual classroom for an online MBA course is often a global classroom since physical boundaries do not bind it. It includes participants from various professions, regions, and countries.

Specializations: Several institutes offer online MBA degrees in specific topic specializations that do not currently have full-time equivalents.

Accreditations: An increasing number of institutes obtain accreditation from relevant accrediting organizations as the online MBA program grows in popularity and acceptability.

Pros and Cons of Online MBA

Pros of Online MBA

Cons of Online MBA

World-class resources at your fingertips.

It adds a new dimension to a student's personality to have the opportunity to experience campus life.

It is fantastic for professionals who have other commitments at work and need to complete the course around them.

The organization might not be structured, accountable, or directed.

You can access it anywhere in the world, and there is round-the-clock support available.

Students who are better taught physically would not be able to benefit from this course.

Opportunities on online MBA can help you achieve your career goals

Using all of the working knowledge you have gained, let us see how far you can go. A degree from an online MBA program in India will allow you to select from various career opportunities across different economic sectors. A graduate degree can open up a wide variety of senior-level jobs.


Director of Business Operations

Business operations are streamlined and effected with efficiency through the implementation of strategies. 

Business Operations Directors work closely with top executives and managers to ensure that the standard for manufacturing and delivering a product or service is maintained.


Marketing Manager

Your responsibilities as a marketing manager include managing and overseeing a firm's advertising, marketing, and sales efforts. As an alternative, you can manage a specific product or service. 

Moreover, marketing managers must coordinate with content creators and market research analysts when working within advertising agencies. 

The responsibility of reporting campaign success to the company's executives is also a part of their job.


Chief Compliance Officers

They assess the company's compliance with policies and regulations through reviews and audits. In addition, chief compliance officers ensure compliance risks are resolved by taking appropriate measures to investigate potential misconduct.


Communications Directors

By implementing different messaging strategies, these professionals positively impact an organization's overall image. 

Public relations managers coordinate public relations, advertising, and social media efforts by supervising news releases, organizing press conferences, and maintaining relationships with the media.



We have assembled a comprehensive list by reviewing these online MBA courses, the syllabus, and their relevance in today's job market. 

An online MBA allows working professionals to rise to the top of their industry. Learning an online MBA offers the benefit of having access to study materials for years and referencing them whenever needed.

Students can choose from various online MBA courses according to their area of interest and their hope to become. Our discussion also explored how online MBA courses in India can increase salaries, job responsibilities, and job satisfaction. Take advantage of this information and take steps towards achieving your career goals!

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