RPSC Rajasthan Public Service Commission Exam Overview

Rajasthan Public Service Commission

Public Service Commission of Rajasthan (RPSC) is a government agency responsible for recruitment. 

Recruitments for posts such as Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS), Rajasthan Police Service (RPS), and Rajasthan Tahsildar Service (RTS) handled by RPSC.

RPSC organizes competitive exams for the selection of candidates for these posts. This article explains what these exams are and how they work. 

The RPSC conducts exams for various posts depending on what vacancies are available from various government agencies.

Applicants apply for these posts, then undergo a preliminary examination, the main examination, and a job interview. 

The RPSC conducts the exams and prepares the final merit list to determine the candidates’ post allocation.


Exam conducted by the RPSC covers RAS, police, and Tahsildar posts. Besides these, it also includes various other government jobs like accountant services, agriculture field officers.

For each of the vacancies listed on the RPSC’s website, rpsc.rajasthan.gov, candidates can apply via an online or offline process. To learn more about eligibility criteria, one can visit the Download section on the website.

The state public service commission of the Rajasthan government conducts competitive examinations every year according to the qualifications and eligibility specified by the commission for those who wish to serve in its commission.

RPSC Posts

British rulers introduced the Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) Post as an all-India service in 1877. India’s district-level administrative officers are recruited through competitive exams held each year by CEC.

Candidates must have been born after 1st January 1979, have a minimum age of 20 and a maximum age of 40 years on 1st January 2019, and pass the Senior Secondary Examination (10+2).

The Posts in Rajasthan Administrative Services

There are different departments in which the RPSC recruits officers. In Rajasthan, recruitment takes place under two headings: Administrative Services and Allied Services.

Rajasthan Administrative Service

As a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), the RAS is the most powerful post of the RPSC. The Officer’s area of responsibility is to deal with problems related to administration. 

Among his responsibilities will handle the daily operations of the administration, overseeing the implementation of government policies. Within the department, he holds the second rank.

Rajasthan Police Service

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) is the next most potent post after RAS. The Officer in his area will deal with law & order matters. 

In his area, he ensures the state of law and order and ensuring everyone lives in peace. Among the police force’s officers, they rank him second.

Rajasthan Jail Service

Specifically, the Officer in this position ensures prison-related matters are handled within his jurisdiction. Under his direction, they will manage the prison operation in his area. 

A prison warden handles the upkeep of the prison, its maintenance, and providing the facilities necessary for proper living conditions in the jail.

Rajasthan Rural Development Services

Rural development is the responsibility of the RPSC. He also implements government schemes in areas where he is responsible and oversees the activities going on in the rural area.

Rajasthan Tourism Service

The state has many tourist attractions. It manages appropriately tourism officers assigned the primary task of ensuring tourism activities. The Officer brings more tourists to the area and making it more attractive to tourists.

The Posts under Rajasthan Allied/Subordinate Services

Rajasthan Cooperative Service

One of the state government’s most important departments is the Cooperative Service of Rajasthan. 

Those appointed to the cooperative institutions service oversee the activities of their cooperative institutions. As a result, he will see how different societies incorporated and operate in his area.

Rajasthan Tahsildar Service

Besides maintaining all land and revenue records for his area, the Tahsildar has extensive duties. With land acquisitions, he is the one who prepares the documents. 

It is his responsibility to check that Government lands are available for the construction of colleges, hospitals. Tahsildar posts are on the ground and full of responsibility.

Rajasthan Food & Public Distribution Service

The Officer will supervise the production, management, supply, and storage of food grains and other commodities within his area. 

In the Officer’s role, she/he will implement and supervise various policies related to food grains run by the government. Most of the time, the job requires ground duty.

Rajasthan Women and Child Development Services

A woman and child development officer in this service develops women and children in his area. Keeping women and children in good health is his responsibility. 

A department’s head charged with overseeing and ensuring the effectiveness of government policies designed to protect women and children.

RPSC Syllabus

RPSC Exam Syllabus covers a wide range of English Language, General Knowledge (Indian Polity), Hindi Language, and Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

The Indian Civil Service exam requires five of the ten mandatory chapters. There are eight optional chapters on the civil services exam, whereas there are only three on the administrative services exam.

In 2013, the state commission revised the RPSC RAS Prelims exam pattern. There is now a single prelims section instead of two. There is an aiming element to the RPSC preliminary examination.

The total marks for all 150 questions are 200. Each wrong answer penalized with 0.33 marks if someone mark negatively it in the exam. Only qualifying questions asked in this exam. There will be no consideration of the marks in determining the final merit.

How To Study For RPSC Exam

It is an excellent method of studying for RPSC exams to read blogs. The difference between them and textbooks is that they emphasize the material applied to real-life situations. The articles are written transparently, with a few words and brief paragraphs.

Besides learning about various topics, reading blogs gives you access to valuable advice. On this page, you will find tips on how to plan a day to maximize study time and techniques to reduce stress while studying. Keeping focused and motivated will help you succeed in studies.

RPSC Interview Tips

Don’t overconfidence impair thinking when you attend an interview? Dress neatly, but not formally. It would help if you were relaxed and not intimidated during this interview.

You never know who may interview or what their reaction might be, so answer truthfully, regardless of the question.

Remember that an interviewer’s decision will depend far more on what they hear than what they see, so be careful not to say too much during an interview.

Books For RPSC Exam

The exam is challenging and complicated. It would help if you familiarized yourself with the question paper and marking scheme before you take the exam. 

Because of this, they should practice the exam papers before giving the actual exam.

RAS, RTS, and RPS are among the competitive exams announced for various Rajasthan Public Service Commission posts. 

It is mandatory for candidates preparing for these exams to know what we may ask in the examination.

There are many websites that offer preparation tips for competitive exams, but going through books that experienced authors write will always be a better way for someone to prepare.


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