5 Career Options For Journalism Degree Holders

Options For Journalism Careers
There are very few degrees with a versatile career path, and journalism just happens to be one of those few. As a beginning employee or someone attempting to change careers, you have a variety of options. 

The only requirements are a journalism degree and writing skills. The following five journalism careers may interest you.


Public Relations

Public relations degrees are often associated with marketing and communication degrees. Journalism degrees are preferred in public relations for one main reason. Public relations is more writing than anything else. Publicists are constantly writing press releases, post-event releases, and pitching to media via email. Publicists need to know how to write and write well.


Broadcast Journalism

Journalism majors can venture into the world of broadcasting, whether that is radio or television. Behind the scenes, journalists create content heard on airwaves or in front of cameras.



Many different websites and companies are always looking for ways to better themselves. Many have started hiring proofreaders to read over their work, especially if they do not have a set copywriter for their projects. Proofreaders are typically freelancers and those with a Journalism degree that want to work from home.



Print mediums hire Journalism degrees because of the obvious reasons, their ability to report and write clearly. Print is not limited to just newspapers and magazines. Think about printed materials that you receive from different companies, organizations, and communities. Newsletter writing is becoming a more popular job because of the slow transition newspaper is making to online.


Copy Writer

Copywriters are people that typically work side by side, marketing personnel, and graphic designers. Copywriters need to have specific grammar and writing skills and a creative mind. 

An example of copywriting is working for a marketing company that has a car dealership client. The marketing personnel has decided a billboard advertisement is needed, so the graphic designer creates the layout, and the copywriter puts words with the image.


Do your research on your personal salary requirements, amount of interaction with others, creativity, and how much writing you actually want to do before you make your decision. 

Remember that you can always freelance on the side to get an idea of what is best for your career. Happy Journaling!

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